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Cover Up Makeup for Birthmarks Prominent birthmarks can be quite difficult to cover up, particularly if you have a paler complexion. What some people do is make their skins darker by tanning the rest of their body except their birthmarks so it eventually becomes less visible. Others use bleaching creams but they don’t always give [...]


Cover Up Makeup for Vitiligo Vitiligo is when uneven patches of discoloration are formed on your skin. It is an embarrassing condition, especially for those who have darker skins because the contrast is intense. Not being able to wear the kind of clothes you want to, and avoiding going to huge social gatherings are just [...]

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Cover Up Makeup for Legs

by Ritzchelle

Cover Up Makeup for Legs We all aren’t born with faultless skin. Most of us have that luxury in our youth, but once aging takes its toll, all sorts of imperfections including spider veins, varicose, stretch marks and age spots begin to settle in on our bodies. But that’s no excuse to skip the shorts [...]


Cover Up Makeup for Acne

by Ritzchelle

Cover Up Makeup for Acne If you suffer from acne or acne scars, you probably spend ages each day trying to cover them up. With all the improvements in makeup over the last few years, it is time to consider that the best way to cover up acne is to get yourself the best quality [...]


Cover Up Makeup for Tattoos There are several gentle ways of concealing your tattoo such as the popular cover up makeup for tattoos by some of the world’s leading cosmetic brands. This is opposed to the more brutal method of having the tattoo removed altogether, which is not only very painful, but also leaves behind [...]


Cover Up Makeup

by Ritzchelle

Cover Up Makeup You can use cover up makeup for all kinds of unwanted imperfections on your face or anywhere on your body. For instance, you can conceal scars, acne, wrinkles, dark circles, birthmarks, bruises, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and even tattoos. That’s the true magic of cover up cosmetics! But not any [...]

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