Cover Up Makeup for Vitiligo

by Ritzchelle

Cover Up Makeup for Vitiligo

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Vitiligo is when uneven patches of discoloration are formed on your skin. It is an embarrassing condition, especially for those who have darker skins because the contrast is intense. Not being able to wear the kind of clothes you want to, and avoiding going to huge social gatherings are just some of the upshots. But gone are the days when there was no solution to this problem. Now there are all kinds of cover up makeup for Vitiligo, one of the best being Dinair’s airbrush makeup.

A popular treatment for Vitiligo is the PUVA therapy, but it is very time consuming. This involves going to your doctor countless times each week for thirty minutes sessions on average, standing in a light box. There’s no guarantee that it’ll even work on you, so it depends person to person.

That is what you need camouflage makeup for. By using high quality cover up makeup for Vitiligo when either the medical treatments fail and when you can’t afford their cost, you’ll be able to live a normal life without being conscious about your appearance.

So what options do you have in the form of cover up makeup for Vitiligo? Most of the traditional products come in the form of dyes, creams or sticks. With these you start by applying a base foundation and then covering it up with a temporary dye or cover up cream. Remember to apply the dye from centre and then move towards the outside edge of your discoloration with care. You don’t want to stain your normal skin. So for the edges try camouflage creams that blur and blend them. If you want to apply normal makeup over the camouflage then go ahead. In the end, brush your patches with a bit of drying powder to give it final matte finished look.

This traditional cover up makeup for Vitiligo can take ages to apply and often seems taut and cakey. But you’re lucky because if you want something light and airy, then you’ll love Dinair’s camouflage and paramedical airbrush range. It’s available in numerous colors to match your skin tone, whether it’s light or dark. This cover up makeup is sprayed and not rubbed on so it’s very hygienic. Natural in feel, Dinair’s airbrush makeup uses very little quantity and let’s your skin breathe. The best part is it’s water resistant, so no need to fret that unexpected rain or a swim with your friends will wash it away. If you want more details on how this airbrush system works, check their website for useful tutorials. Once you become an expert, then applying this cover up makeup for Vitiligo will hardly take you ten minutes.

Most camouflage cosmetics are useful for all kinds of skin problems such as scars, burn marks, birthmarks, stretch marks and much more. The Dinair range caters to every possible blemish, so you’re well taken care of. Like most cosmetics that aggravate irritation or skin problems by clogging your pores and drying you skin, Dinair’s secret formulas have made sure you don’t suffer this inconvenience.


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