Cover Up Makeup for Tattoos

by Ritzchelle

Cover Up Makeup for Tattoos

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There are several gentle ways of concealing your tattoo such as the popular cover up makeup for tattoos by some of the world’s leading cosmetic brands. This is opposed to the more brutal method of having the tattoo removed altogether, which is not only very painful, but also leaves behind scars.

Tattoos are permanent skin discolorations as pigments are injected directly beneath your epidermis in the layers of your skin. No doubt they have become a part of most cultures around the world, and are a good way of communicating a signature of individuality. But then there are certain places and occasions that you might want to avoid showing off your tattoos. For instance, work places are certainly where tattoos are frowned upon. It’s just not professional at all. You also definitely don’t want to go to an interview or a formal gathering with your tattoos showing. So then what do you do?

That’s an easy one. You have the option of making use of cover up cosmetics such as the cover up makeup for tattoos. The old fashioned way of getting about that is to use a number of items including a concealer, powder, foundation and blush. So you begin by applying your concealer on your tattoo and make sure the colors are well selected. You don’t want an uneven skin tone. Next, by using a powder pad tenderly dab some powder over your concealer and then apply foundation makeup. It’s better if you use your finger instead of a sponge because that way you’ll be able to get better coverage. For a finer and final touch, use a blush that matches your skin tone.

But do you think you can repeat this lengthy process every time you want to make your tattoo invisible? No need to fret because the advancement in technology has surely done some wonders. You have airbrush makeup now as the lately popular cover up makeup for tattoos! Not only are dermatologists highly recommending it because it is fully hygienic as no direct contact with the skin is required, even women all over the globe are realizing its countless benefits. It is one of the quickest ways to look just the way you want to, picture perfect! And that too in just a couple of minutes. Revealing an extremely natural look, it can be easily tailored to harmonize with your skin tone. You can now forget that synthetic look with all those layers and layers of concealer makeup that you had to apply on your tattoos.

Dinair is one of the pioneers of this must-have ingenuity. Their paramedical foundation range that is successful in covering up all sorts of scarring and skin problems is worth the investment. Costing just about $300 for a kit, it’s a guarantee that you will be able to reap plentiful benefits out of this cover up make up for tattoos over a very long period of time since you can conceal whatever blemishes you want with very little quantity. The best part is that this camouflage make up does not come off on your clothes unlike the other types of cover up makeup for tattoos.


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