Cover Up Makeup for Birthmarks

by Ritzchelle

Cover Up Makeup for Birthmarks

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Prominent birthmarks can be quite difficult to cover up, particularly if you have a paler complexion. What some people do is make their skins darker by tanning the rest of their body except their birthmarks so it eventually becomes less visible. Others use bleaching creams but they don’t always give the results that you need. The other more popular approach is to use cover up makeup for birthmarks.

Using a cosmetic concealer as a cover up makeup for birthmarks is a good choice and is available in numerous forms. You could buy it in a tube, which is rather liquid in nature. You’ll have to use it with care, seeing that too much does not settle into fine lines of your skin and gives cakey look. They also come in sticks and even as pencils. So depending on your skin tone, you have a lot of options to choose from. Another variety of cover up cosmetics for birthmarks includes the extremely opaque concealer. This is can be used for dark or prominent unwanted birthmarks because its high opacity easily fixes even the worst skin problems.

So these types of camouflage cosmetics and all other kinds of cover up makeup for birthmarks require a number of steps. It is best if you moisturize your face first because then coverage is better and even. After that apply your choice of concealer in a tapping motion to your birthmark. Let it dry and if you feel your birthmark is still visible, then go ahead and apply another layer. For the rest of the area of the skin, apply a separate medium coverage foundation with your finger tips to blend it well. At the end, lightly dust yourself with a translucent powder for a greater look.

The pioneers of a unique kind of cover up makeup for birthmarks is Dinair, with their brilliant airbrush makeup range that is extremely easy to use and requires no powder setting. You can have flawless skin in just a matter of few minutes. Whatever your skin color or type is, Dinair’s product range is long lasting and can conceal all sorts of imperfections, be they scars, tattoos, stretch marks, acne and much more!

The best part is that it is very hygienic. Touch free, rub free and no brushes or sponges needed. All you have to do is spray it on yourself, and you’re picture perfect in no time. The coverage is so direct an accurate that you won’t need any hair covers or other protectors. Now you can also stop worrying about getting wet and your makeup coming off because Dinair’s cover up makeup for birthmarks is water proof and also rub resistant. And you can finally save yourself from all those cakey looks, because this cover up makeup for birthmarks keeps your complexion looking natural and radiantly soft! Even plastic and cosmetics surgeons, aestheticians and skin care specialists all over the world recommend this brand to cover up any kind of unwanted skin imperfections.

If you want to know more about what their kits contain or learn to use all of Dinair’s products including their airbrush foundations, blushes, eyeliners and much more, then you’re lucky because they also offer free instructional DVDs with whatever you purchase. You can also get a taste of their live phone sessions and online tutorial videos.


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  • Sarahmolise

    wher can i get  your  product  i  have permanent  marks on my  face 

  • pam15

    It should be noted that some birthmarks do not have a smooth texture which makes makeup difficult to apply.
    Face primer is a colorless smoothing cream that will smooth out the skin and allow for a better makeup application.
    ColorTration is one company that specializes in maximum coverage makeup for dark birthmarks. For more information about birthmarks, primer and cover makeup, visit

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