Even if men refuse to accept the fact, there’s no doubt men are just as appearance-conscious as women. How else would you explain their constant glances at the mirrors they walk past and that small comb they hide in their pocket? However, not everything can be fixed with your bare hands and a few drops of water. Sometimes, you need to use cover up makeup.

You’re probably worried about what people will think once they discover that you’re using cover up makeup for men. However, follow each step in this cover up makeup for men guide, and no one has to know the secret of your perfect, flawless face.

For Blemishes and Pimples

If you suffer from ongoing acne,  pimples can be a downer to your self esteem. Here’s how cover up makeup for men can hide them while they heal:

•           Find foundation that actually matches your skin color and skin type. Your better half or a salesperson at the makeup store can help you find the right foundation shade. However, if you want to avoid this annoying task, you can easily get an airbrush kit from companies such as Dinair by just sending in your picture. Airbrush foundation suits all skin types and colors, and the company will select the perfect color(s) for your skin tone. Best of all, airbrush foundation is a great cover up makeup for men product because it looks 100% natural.

•           Barely cover a q-tip with foundation and dab it onto your blemish.

•           Spread the foundation all over the blemish and wait for it to dry.

•           Repeat steps 2 and 3 if necessary.

For Tattoos

Tattoos look great, but not at the office or during a family reunion. Thankfully, cover up makeup for men comes to the rescue. Just follow these simple steps:

•           Clean the area with rubbing alcohol so you have a smooth canvas.

•           Apply concealer onto your tattoo. However, make sure you keep it light and then build coverage over it.

•           Once your tattoo is semi-concealed, use foundation to blend the camouflaged area with the rest of your skin.

There are special camouflage makeup kits you can use, but any foundation and concealer you use as cover up makeup for men will be sufficient.

For Discolored Skin

If you have a bruise you want to hide or a discolored patch which worries you, here’s a cover up makeup for men technique you can use to look your usual handsome self again:

•           Apply colored concealer to cover the discolored skin. Use green concealer for red bruises, yellow for purple or bluish skin and purple concealer for yellowish and brown bruises. Pat the concealer and blend it with the surrounding skin.

•           Apply concealer over your whole face to balance out the colored concealer.

•           Finally, apply foundation over your face to complete your cover up makeup for men routine.

These are just three scenarios where you’ll need cover up makeup for men. Always make sure to use the right cover up makeup for men products so this can be your little secret.


Cover Up Makeup for Scars

cover up makeup for scars 300x147 Cover Up Makeup for Scars

Before and After

Most of us have acne problems during our teens, but with time or by using medication it does heal. And then there are other skin blemishes that we want to cover up like having tattoos removed or scars that take forever to recover and leave us feeling self-conscious. Cover up makeup for scars can be the answer to all of these problems and more.

Getting an expensive treatment for the removal of these disfigurements is the best option, but that can be very expensive. So does that mean we continue being conscious or embarrassed because of these noticeable marks? Now it is possible to make use of cover up makeup for scars instead. Not only is it simple to apply but very cheap as well. It’s important to realize however that this sort of makeup does not remove scars permanently, it just conceals them. So now aren’t we all willing to pay a small price for a great deal of confidence in our appearance? That is the true magic of cover up makeup for scars.

The very basic technique of using cover up makeup for scars starts by applying a thin layer of foundation that matches our skin tone and spreads evenly. To prevent visible discolorations, putting on concealer around the area that has scars is a brilliant idea. If you want attention to be drawn to your positives features and away from the areas that you want to cover up, then try using a highlighter that is an essential cover up makeup for scars. Using an accenting technique means that you use something other than makeup, like a bold colored lipstick or a new hairstyle with thick bangs on your forehead to hide all those unwanted marks or to just simply detract people’s attention.

Do you also need a cover up for birthmarks, spider veins and stretch marks? There are all kinds of camouflage creams available by different brands, also being used as cover up make up for scars. These come in all kinds of shades and colors so you can take your pick according to your skin tone for any part of your body that you want to fix. What’s more, it moisturizes the area of your scars, keeping you skin healthy and soft. Don’t be afraid that it’ll come off when you go for a swim or walk while it’s raining, because it’s waterproof too.

Maybe you’d like to try something that’s even quicker and makes your skin picture perfect. So if you’re in search for leg cover up makeup to hide your stretch marks or something that will conceal all those scars on your body, then you need to look no further than Dinair. The airbrush makeup range offered by Dinair is the perfect kind of cover up make up for scars and all kinds of other imperfections on your skin, is. It gives a completely flawless and natural look, and will last throughout the day. Their paramedical kit offers all kinds of shades for both glamour and camouflage purposes that you can use daily because all it takes is just a few minutes. Plus, their water based formula makes their cover up makeup for scars completely safe to use even on the most sensitive types of skins.


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