Cover Up Makeup

Cover Up Makeup

You can use cover up makeup for all kinds of unwanted imperfections on your face or anywhere on your body. For instance, you can conceal scars, acne, wrinkles, dark circles, birthmarks, bruises, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and even tattoos. That’s the true magic of cover up cosmetics!

But not any cover up makeup can handle this job. A pro quality brand is a must because you don’t want to look all powdery, stiff and non natural. The best in their line is Dinair, with their brilliant airbrush makeup paramedical range that they are also the pioneers of. So why is this sort of cover up makeup the best choice? In contrast to the more traditional camouflage makeup that takes ages to apply and has a lot of steps that you need to follow before you get the perfect look and are able to hide your skin problem, using Dinair’s airbrush cover up makeup is very easy and quick. You don’t even have to use any sponges or brushes to make it even, because it already gives the perfectly flawless and completely natural look in just matter of moments! That said, it is totally hygienic too.

It is alcohol, oil and silicone free and 100% water based. Why should that matter to you? Well, because of its water based characteristic, this cover up makeup does not require any drying time. So no need to settle it with powder as you probably were doing with your previous cosmetics. What’s more, it is hypo allergic and won’t cause any skin irritations. And yes it won’t aggravate your skin problems either because your skin can breathe instead of being layered with all sorts of oil based foundations.

You also don’t need to worry about it smearing, running or fading because it is extremely long lasting and unlike your previous makeup, you can finally save yourself the trouble of retouching it after every while. If you’re worried about the clean up of this cover up makeup, then fret not because water and soap take care of that with no trouble.

The only effort that is required is for you to check what color matches your skin tone. Dinair has even taken care of that! Their beauty consultants await to custom color match you, so you might want to visit the color match section on their website for details. And the brilliant part is that you can also mix their Glamour range of shades with each other to create new ones.

The great thing is that Dinair hasn’t limited itself to just one kind of product. You can get all kinds of blushes, eye shades, bronzers, highlights and lip colors for daily wear. And if you’re up for a good tan, then go ahead and check out their air tan range, which is a spray tanning kit that you can use while sitting at home. The results are spectacular every time.

If this isn’t enough, you get a DVD with your kit that teaches you how to use the airbrush system. Online tutorials at Dinair’s website are another way you can easily learn everything. And if you want to call them to get answers to a few queries, then their lifetime phone support does the trick.